SimpleDB - "Too many value tests per predicate in the query expression"

Too many value tests per predicate in the query expression

Client error : Too many value tests per predicate in the query expression.

SELECT * FROM domain WHERE id='1' OR id='2' OR ... id='20' OR id='21'

SELECT * FROM domain WHERE id in ('1', '2', ... '20', '21')

SELECT * FROM domain WHERE id in ('1', '2', ... '20') OR id in ('21', ...)


2012/05/07 發現一種可以破解20個條件限制的辦法:
  account in ('key1', 'key2', 'key3', 'key4', 'key5', 'key6', 'key7', 'key8', 'key9', 'key10', 
    'key11', 'key12', 'key13', 'key14', 'key15', 'key16', 'key17', 'key18', 'key19', 'key20') OR 
  dummy IS NOT NULL OR 
  account in ('key21', 'key22', 'key23', 'key24', 'key25', 'key26', 'key27', 'key28', 'key29', 'key30', 
    'key31', 'key32', 'key33', 'key34', 'key35', 'key36', 'key37', 'key38', 'key39', 'key40')
沒錯,就是加了"OR dummy IS NOT NULL"這個多餘的條件在中間就可以下達多個條件了!

不過當你有這樣的需求時,就應該想一下是不是設計面有問題,或是該用 relational database了。

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