Install YouTube plugin in PhoneGap

I develop app with PhoneGap 3.3.1, and import the YouTube plugin from YTPhoneGapPlugin.

Integrate steps:
1. Use command to install plugin
$ cordova local plugin add https://github.com/matiasmolinas/YTPhoneGapPlugin.git

2. Download YouTube api to project libs folder

3. Register the YouTube API Key from here, and fill the key in
android project/src/gdg/youtube/YouTube.java

4. Implementation
var videoId = "YSxYCMlkLsw";
var success = function() { console.log("Success"); };
var error = function(message) { console.log("Oopsie! " + message); };
window.youtube.playVideo(videoId, success, error);

If you met error message as following:
I/Web Console( 1614): Oopsie! No Activity found to handle Intent { act=com.google.android.youtube.api.StandalonePlayerActivity.START (has extras) } at file:///android_asset/www/app.js:1
Try to install YouTube app in your Android system, if you use emulator, try to download from google play and use command line to install it.
adb install com.google.android.youtube.apk